Feminism Isn’t For Everyone

The irony of feminism supporting transwomen smacked me in the face today.


Why didn’t I see it before??

Hatshepsut, the ancient Egyptian queen, has joined the long list of dead women transitioning recently. You’d think 3,000 years would be too old to matter, but no corner must remain Unclean.

Amnesty UK even stepped in a few months ago to make it official!

Joan of Arc has also been popular lately. Because why else would a young woman traveling with men through enemy territory wear pants, right?

Katherine Hepburn wore pants, too, so she’s on the list. Despite never claiming to be a man in all the hours of footage and interviews and books.

The strong, iconoclastic women of the past are being rewritten. It’s been in the chatter for a while, Hepburn was nominated in 2006.

“Her great passions were for men,” Hepburn biographer Bill Mann says in this Advocate article. “Men who, on some level, she wished she could be like. She admired masculinity a great deal.”

Sounds like some good, old-fashioned internalized misogyny to me.

James Barry, the Irish-born British Army surgeon, did live as a man. During a time when women were forbidden from higher education. Following her dreams took a bit of dressing-up, which is pretty relatable, really. 

From ancient rulers to movie mavens and even Greek goddesses, no woman who pokes her head above the crowd is safe from being transformed into a man these days.

The olds are speaking up to share some perspective. My personal favorite was an Ovarit exchange, “They act like their ideology didn’t appear less than 20 years ago.

“When I went to high school, there were about 1,000 kids. Zero trans. I’m sure some weren’t out, but there were maybe 5 lesbians, 3 bi girls (myself included) and 2 gay guys.”

Another user summed up: “‘BuT iT’s MoRe SoCiAlLy AcCePtAbLe NoW!’ No, it’s a narcissistic fad.

This tracks with my own experience. As a boy in a girl’s body in 1998, I felt completely alone. Social contagion isn’t the only driving force here, but it’s definitely not helping.

Even back then, mainstream feminism was not equipped to tackle this stuff. Materialism and instrumentalism were what got me through, although I didn’t know what to call them then.

I kinda came at feminism backward, following the thread of female identity out of the woods. I have a lot of sympathy for those who are confused.

But this Wokeist idea that feminism is for everyone is toxic, stifling garbage! Last week my own little mini-mob was sure to bleat that if I don’t support transwomen, I’m not a feminist.

It’s both easy and fun to inform them that I stand for women, and confused men aren’t.

Throw Him In

Lemme throw around some of this extra weight middle-age brought me!

But what are women these days? A meme made the rounds saying ‘cis’ women don’t have arm hair. “If they do, they have a hormone imbalance or are trans.” A few of us had a good chuckle – Who believes this crap?

Then I got to thinking about the massive generation coming up behind us, even more confused and less supported. Imagine you’re 12 reading this, just old enough to know you know nothing and probably afraid to ask.

You might shave your arm hair, to hide that hormone imbalance you’ve obviously got cooking. And you may begin to notice how many other women have it.

But instead of reminding you to relax, that all women have body hair and maybe it’s not such a big deal, you’re shocked at the number of transwomen you see. Transwomen who look just like regular women, just like you keep hearing they do.

And being ‘cis’ looks less and less appealing anyway, as the list of things women can’t do just keeps getting longer!

Rule a country in traditional garb? Clothes make the man. Command armies? Very butch, darling.

Change your look to enable your career? Obviously only someone with Man Essence could possibly do that!

Arm hair? Man. Pants? Man. Short hair? Masculine as fuck. 

Why should feminism support transwomen, when trans ideology is factually, literally erasing women from the world?? Not just from the present, but the past and future, too!


I’m sorry, you want me to give you… what??

I don’t know how much more obvious it could be – Trans rights are not women’s rights.

To be a Woman in trans ideology, you must perform femininity properly (Daily Updates where available!) and be fine with it. Anything less, and you might want to look into non-binary status. Unless you’re male, of course. Then Self-ID is all you need!

Funny how that old double-standard is still there, isn’t it?

Add this to the pile of reasons that gender is nonsense. It gives me the same kind of headache as rearranging algebra equations to equal zero. All that work for nothing!

Even if, through some evolutionary or spiritual disaster, transwomen were somehow actually women in any meaningful way, their movement is suffocating us. In pulling focus to identity – Away from material reality –  they are pulling us into an endless maze of smoke and mirrors.

The transing of the dead is like self-insert History fanfic. The same impulse that drives them to invade every forum, sewing circle and support group pushes them to possess anything good ‘If I want it, it’s already mine!’ – and compete with anyone unlucky enough to be around.

Whatever doesn’t fit the narrative gets ignored. Simone De Beauvoir’s line about becoming a woman gets trotted out every so often, but De Beauvoir’s writing is unfaltering in its female rage. Rage stemming from certain material realities that chemistry helps us modern females forget.

But I suppose it’s only a matter of time before De Beauvoir will have become a woman because she was really trans, too.

They have even found a way to reinterpret Andrea Dworkin for their own purposes. Or snippets, anyway. Most of her writing isn’t about them either, she and De Beauvior are just ugly and mean. Because women having anything to ourselves is an absurd notion.


Just say when!

At the end of the day, they still want to own us. Those who ignore the protests of women and girls at having our spaces infiltrated and our spots taken have failed to make it to the next rung of social evolution. We’re seeing all the confusion and rage that comes with feeling lost in your own society.

Women are not going back into the cage without a fight, and some of us would rather burn the whole thing down. The old tricks stopped working, so patriarchy came up with new ones. It really is that simple.

Feminism is not for everyone because feminism is about setting women free from the rule of men. This goal has obviously not been achieved, so the fight goes on.

The world is full of struggles, and feminism intersects with them all because women are everywhere.

But Mommy needs to put on her own oxygen mask first.