The Right-Wing Radicalization of Young Girls

Something wicked is brewing in conservative America.


That’s a cold wind blowing in!

The same culture wars that birthed incels have impacted the girls who won’t date them just as much.

Our refusal to draw mothering into the fold leaves a lot of girls feeling conflicted. Feminism fails them as long as it ignores the more nuanced questions of many women’s lives. 

Jen at Fundie Fridays knows a lot about it, “The misogyny on Caitlin’s channel is rampant and direct. She often uses the same talking points as incels when expressing her worldview.”

Using Mrs. Midwest as her pampered example, Jen walks us through Complementarianism -You know, how God made men and women different to complement each other. But of course, in practice this is just plain old submission in fancy clothes.

After laying down the basics, Jen kinda glosses over a lot of what Caitlin says. She describes domesticity as, “acknowledging that women are superior to men in regards to maintaining the home.” Oops, that almost sounds empowering!

Jen lays out classic gender roles with a scoff, because obviously cleaning isn’t genetic. All women do not have a desire to be feminine.

But what if you do? It’s pretty sexist to say that all femininity is patriarchal garbage, isn’t it? It has to be feminism’s job to figure out where they stop and we begin, but Feminist Theory isn’t interested in this.

Gender is a social construct, but it’s based on observations. I think the science really is more complicated, in the interplay of temperament, sex, genetics, and choice.

And, well, some girls are girls. And they’re not wrong.

Sewing Doll Clothes

Sewing is a valuable skill!

I guess Jen doesn’t see this as a serious line of thought, as she lets Caitlin speak for herself: “Our culture really celebrates masculine traits when they’re seen in women …  So, it feels like, in order to be a good woman, you have to be really masculine.”

Embracing womanhood used to be a lefty thing. Libfems having outlawed all such talk for having TERFy vibes, where do we expect these women to go?

“But what do those women do, those women like me? I don’t wanna be a Boss Babe, I don’t wanna be ‘grinding.’ I wanna be a wife, a mother, run a household.

“What does a woman like that do, when she feels so marginalized? Where does she go?”

Cue Mr. Crabs playing a tiny violin. Stay classy, Jen.

But Caitlin reminds us of the Hero’s Journey, Professor Joseph Campbel’s famous archetypical adventure story. Boy does a thing, becomes a man. He’s often rewarded with a woman for his trouble, you know the drill. We’ve all seen it a thousand times.

I have been bored with it for years. As a 37-year-old mom in a sharply blended family, no one is telling my story. I’m lead to believe no one else is interested, and we’re all too busy, anyway.

Jen doesn’t address any of this. Instead, she shows off a blush pallet.

She chooses purple because she’s “The Purple Bitch.”

Cut back to Caitlin pretending to hold up angel wings for improved posture. 

Jen works pretty hard to make Caitlin look silly, which is weird because Caitlin doesn’t need the help. But it does a good job distracting from what she’s saying.

After having described the masculinization of women, Jen paraphrases Caitlin saying society treats women like breeding cattle. 

She’s careful to point out that it’s fundamentalists who do this, but then lets Caitlin say that women should be free to choose a life as a homemaker or in the workforce. “And both things are honorable, because we truly support all women.”

“Yep, you just described feminism, Caitlin.”

“I don’t know where that got mixed up, but I think ‘all women’ includes homemakers.” Caitlin emphasizes this logical flourish with a self-satisfied snicker. 

Jen is clearly annoyed by this, really laying it all out: “You know what, Caitlin? I’ll do you one even better – Feminists believe in equality for everyone!”

Oh boy, here we go. 

“That includes sex workers” Ooh, edgy! “Transgender folx, people who are incarcerated, neurodivergent friends, people without homes, those with disabilities, intersex and non-binary people, any member of the Alphabet Mafia, immigrants, those who get abortions, people with addictions, asylum seekers…”

Madame Painter

Hold still, it’s hard to get all that in the picture!

That sure is a mighty long list of random stuff. I think I even saw a women’s issue in there!

Jen is spelling out for us how feminism has become a garbage fire of social movements. Of course we believe in equality! But feminism is concerned with the issues facing females!

…Oh, wow, I am tired of saying that…

“And, believe it or not, people we disagree with also deserve rights.” This is the surreal moment where liberal feminism reminds me of my born-again Aunt. Then, after a little feminist history, she accuses Caitlin of “talking out of her ass.”

“Feminist theory is an actual thing that you can study. It’s not just a fucking buzzword for you to throw around.” Academic feminist theory turns lesbian separatists into gender ideologues. Why should we turn to it for answers?

Please don’t misunderstand me – I’m not siding with Conservative Barbie. The ‘tradition’ she represents is that White Colonialism we’re all still scarred from.

The incels were easy pickings for the Alt-Right. Racist ideology gave them an explanation and a direction for their rage. And both groups share a love of a mythical past.

But wanting kids someday doesn’t have to mean a return to Traditional Values.

It’s a cruel trick to frame women’s reproductive urge in terms of caveman ethics. “By taking the Red Pill and rejecting social justice and progress, [they think] they’re accepting a harsh truth – that the people of the US need a structure that was in place before any social progress was made.”

Leave the modern lie and accept the truth about life‘ would be much harder to sell if libfems weren’t lying to them!

Right in the middle of it all, Jen has her hubby give us a vocabulary lesson.

He looks quite a bit like my husband, actually, and he does a decent job making his granular material entertaining. He’s not condescending, but I could not let the irony go by without commenting on it!…

When Jen takes back over, she brings home the Tradwives’ number one message: “Women are stressed in their jobs and their education because their real destiny is to be a homemaker.

Maybe if feminism didn’t reject its own past every generation like Mom’s hand-me-downs, young women like Caitlin would know we’ve heard this line before.

“This is particularly dangerous coming from someone like her.” Because Caitlin is a Role Model.

Jen reads us a couple worrying fan letters from young women. She tells us we need to be mindful of the radicalization of young girls online, as well as boys.

“And it’s worthy

to examine why young girls might find her message so appealing.”

More than worthy, it’s urgent! The last ten years showed us what soaking up this kind of subtext-heavy indoctrination can do.

But Jen only takes us halfway.

“Perhaps they feel special being coveted by white men like that. Being told that they will save the world by having beautiful white babies”



Get rich enough, and you could have your very own pasty, uptight prima donna!

I could have sworn everyone knew this! White women are precious commodities on the world market. White men have made it their mission to protect us from all the mudbloods, remember?

You simply cannot traffic in one without bumping into the other!

There’s a retro fashion community on YouTube full of creative, off-kilter people. Many of them are seamstresses or costume designers. All of them boldly wear what they like, fashion be damned.

The community has a motto: Vintage style, not vintage values.

These adorable history buffs feel the need to distinguish themselves from fascists in their opening line because there’s a lot of confusion out there. ‘Tradition’ was the name fascism went by for a long time. 

‘Traditional womanhood’ can be seen in Nazi propaganda movies. ‘Traditional womanhood’ is a mother for the war machine.

But this itself is a corruption of the mothering experience. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Jen isn’t interested in where babies come from. “A lot of these women believe they have been cheated out of the … homemaker life,” she says with disdain. 

But we have been! Womanhood Classic is out of production. The old fallback of housewife, the role we have avoided and scorned, isn’t even an option anymore. In this economy, no family can sustain itself on just one income. 

Things are bleak out there for young women, and everyone is lying to them! People on both sides do it all the time, glossing over anything interesting in favor of poking fun at their opponent’s flaws.

Shallow negativity on both sides makes a logical decision impossible. So we go with our gut, which is easily lead. And it hits inexperienced and distracted young people even harder.

Each side is telling us the other is the problem. But the real villain – Capital – doesn’t want to be called out, and it owns everything! Feminism has always been a favorite scapegoat, despite women doing the lioness’ share of the shopping.

Jen does quote a really good New York Times article, “Tradwives also point to the ways that the half-finished work of the sexual revolution has brought about not just male but also female discontents.” But she doesn’t go anywhere with this.

Instead, she leaps right back into that weird, suppressed Pick-Me attitude liberal feminists have when they’re enforcing The Rules, “Gosh, if only incels could figure out that the real Red Pill is realizing that gender is a social construct and that chaos is the general order of the universe.”

I still don’t understand why gender being a social construct means we should completely reorder society around it. 

Thankfully, the Times continues, “[Conservatism] is a lie, of course. Modesty has never been a safeguard against degradation or rape.”

But even the New York Times won’t tell you that Jen is lying, too. After all, who is welcoming to the feminine woman? Bimbo TikTok??

Caitlin’s emotional expression of feminine homelessness is the note of truth the whole rotten symphony is tuned to. Alienation is what drives young men to extremes, and women aren’t that different.

Ball Gown

I know this isn’t appropriate for a Zoom call, and I don’t care anymore!

And many of us do want these things! Liberal feminism dismisses feminine women as brainwashed. I definitely got the message growing up that any girly tendencies were embarrassing. 

As adults, we are pitied if we don’t have our own income. The media talks about Career Women, but mothers just tell you to keep a job.

But not everyone wants to run with the boys. Tradwives offer many young girls something that speaks to a part of them that feminism has ignored forever.

The idea that housework is work should be a powerful feminist ideal! I stumbled into a traditional lifestyle, and have enjoyed it much more than I ever expected.

Feminism should be reaching out to these young women. They will need us when they start to see who they’re dealing with: “At present, these shared dissatisfactions haven’t helped the alt-right recruit significant numbers of women because, quite simply, the men cannot keep their seething misogyny in check.”

Jen is right to pick on Caitlin. She and people like her are painting a rosy picture over some truly horrific things. They are directly informing the future of our culture. We need to confront this ideology where we find it, just as much as Trans Rights. 

Motherhood is the original feminist tool. It’s time to reach out to the girly girls.

Feminism Isn’t For Everyone

The irony of feminism supporting transwomen smacked me in the face today.


Why didn’t I see it before??

Hatshepsut, the ancient Egyptian queen, has joined the long list of dead women transitioning recently. You’d think 3,000 years would be too old to matter, but no corner must remain Unclean.

Amnesty UK even stepped in a few months ago to make it official!

Joan of Arc has also been popular lately. Because why else would a young woman traveling with men through enemy territory wear pants, right?

Katherine Hepburn wore pants, too, so she’s on the list. Despite never claiming to be a man in all the hours of footage and interviews and books.

The strong, iconoclastic women of the past are being rewritten. It’s been in the chatter for a while, Hepburn was nominated in 2006.

“Her great passions were for men,” Hepburn biographer Bill Mann says in this Advocate article. “Men who, on some level, she wished she could be like. She admired masculinity a great deal.”

Sounds like some good, old-fashioned internalized misogyny to me.

James Barry, the Irish-born British Army surgeon, did live as a man. During a time when women were forbidden from higher education. Following her dreams took a bit of dressing-up, which is pretty relatable, really. 

From ancient rulers to movie mavens and even Greek goddesses, no woman who pokes her head above the crowd is safe from being transformed into a man these days.

The olds are speaking up to share some perspective. My personal favorite was an Ovarit exchange, “They act like their ideology didn’t appear less than 20 years ago.

“When I went to high school, there were about 1,000 kids. Zero trans. I’m sure some weren’t out, but there were maybe 5 lesbians, 3 bi girls (myself included) and 2 gay guys.”

Another user summed up: “‘BuT iT’s MoRe SoCiAlLy AcCePtAbLe NoW!’ No, it’s a narcissistic fad.

This tracks with my own experience. As a boy in a girl’s body in 1998, I felt completely alone. Social contagion isn’t the only driving force here, but it’s definitely not helping.

Even back then, mainstream feminism was not equipped to tackle this stuff. Materialism and instrumentalism were what got me through, although I didn’t know what to call them then.

I kinda came at feminism backward, following the thread of female identity out of the woods. I have a lot of sympathy for those who are confused.

But this Wokeist idea that feminism is for everyone is toxic, stifling garbage! Last week my own little mini-mob was sure to bleat that if I don’t support transwomen, I’m not a feminist.

It’s both easy and fun to inform them that I stand for women, and confused men aren’t.

Throw Him In

Lemme throw around some of this extra weight middle-age brought me!

But what are women these days? A meme made the rounds saying ‘cis’ women don’t have arm hair. “If they do, they have a hormone imbalance or are trans.” A few of us had a good chuckle – Who believes this crap?

Then I got to thinking about the massive generation coming up behind us, even more confused and less supported. Imagine you’re 12 reading this, just old enough to know you know nothing and probably afraid to ask.

You might shave your arm hair, to hide that hormone imbalance you’ve obviously got cooking. And you may begin to notice how many other women have it.

But instead of reminding you to relax, that all women have body hair and maybe it’s not such a big deal, you’re shocked at the number of transwomen you see. Transwomen who look just like regular women, just like you keep hearing they do.

And being ‘cis’ looks less and less appealing anyway, as the list of things women can’t do just keeps getting longer!

Rule a country in traditional garb? Clothes make the man. Command armies? Very butch, darling.

Change your look to enable your career? Obviously only someone with Man Essence could possibly do that!

Arm hair? Man. Pants? Man. Short hair? Masculine as fuck. 

Why should feminism support transwomen, when trans ideology is factually, literally erasing women from the world?? Not just from the present, but the past and future, too!


I’m sorry, you want me to give you… what??

I don’t know how much more obvious it could be – Trans rights are not women’s rights.

To be a Woman in trans ideology, you must perform femininity properly (Daily Updates where available!) and be fine with it. Anything less, and you might want to look into non-binary status. Unless you’re male, of course. Then Self-ID is all you need!

Funny how that old double-standard is still there, isn’t it?

Add this to the pile of reasons that gender is nonsense. It gives me the same kind of headache as rearranging algebra equations to equal zero. All that work for nothing!

Even if, through some evolutionary or spiritual disaster, transwomen were somehow actually women in any meaningful way, their movement is suffocating us. In pulling focus to identity – Away from material reality –  they are pulling us into an endless maze of smoke and mirrors.

The transing of the dead is like self-insert History fanfic. The same impulse that drives them to invade every forum, sewing circle and support group pushes them to possess anything good ‘If I want it, it’s already mine!’ – and compete with anyone unlucky enough to be around.

Whatever doesn’t fit the narrative gets ignored. Simone De Beauvoir’s line about becoming a woman gets trotted out every so often, but De Beauvoir’s writing is unfaltering in its female rage. Rage stemming from certain material realities that chemistry helps us modern females forget.

But I suppose it’s only a matter of time before De Beauvoir will have become a woman because she was really trans, too.

They have even found a way to reinterpret Andrea Dworkin for their own purposes. Or snippets, anyway. Most of her writing isn’t about them either, she and De Beauvior are just ugly and mean. Because women having anything to ourselves is an absurd notion.


Just say when!

At the end of the day, they still want to own us. Those who ignore the protests of women and girls at having our spaces infiltrated and our spots taken have failed to make it to the next rung of social evolution. We’re seeing all the confusion and rage that comes with feeling lost in your own society.

Women are not going back into the cage without a fight, and some of us would rather burn the whole thing down. The old tricks stopped working, so patriarchy came up with new ones. It really is that simple.

Feminism is not for everyone because feminism is about setting women free from the rule of men. This goal has obviously not been achieved, so the fight goes on.

The world is full of struggles, and feminism intersects with them all because women are everywhere.

But Mommy needs to put on her own oxygen mask first.

Twitter Mobs: Just Another Day In TERFLand

I knew something was up when I woke up to 19 notifications.

Waking Up

The Woke won’t wait for coffee!

They had me right – A smallish account with only so much energy to defend myself. But they just really hated my Cyberpunk article!

After the original poster proclaimed it was “NOT ok to insult anyone because of their opinion,” a group of them wasted no time dogpiling me to tell me why my opinion meant I needed to die.

Hardly bothering with ‘transphobe,’ they labeled me ‘vile,’ ‘disgusting,’ toxic,’ (of course!) and even abusive. My writing was referred to as “a pile of dog shit.” I was told to take ‘feminist’ out of my bio. And called a bigot and a fascist, for good measure.

The tortured reasoning behind TWAM = Fascist could fill its own post. Most prominently displayed, however, was the classic actual fascist crosstalk of Enemies being both Big&Bad and Sad&Pathetic.

I’m a bigoted fascist spreading lies that get people murdered. And a loser who no one will defend.

It’s true – Only a handful of people came to back me up. After months of reaching out and jumping in, this did sting a little.

Beach Body

My friends will be here any minute… Really!

The real problem was I was sick as a dog, chasing my toddler around the house between trips to the bathroom.

I got frustrated a few times, but I think I held my own for the most part.

And considering the quiet from feminist Twitter – with the fact that even my web developer is scratching his head wondering where the numbers are – I have to wonder how they found me at all!

There were three main skirmishes in the battle.

#1 insisted misgendering the author of the Cyberpunk 2077 review meant I wasn’t a feminist. Wasn’t interested when I pointed out the burden of proof lay with the person claiming something extraordinary.

Then there were the two furries – A purple-haired wolf and a grayscale… puppy, I think – First the wolf pounced with insults and tumbled quickly on to threats. When one intrepid soldier brought up biology, he became fixated on cows, “Cow tastes good when properly cooked … You’d make a good roast, maybe a casserole.”

After he called me a Nazi, I reminded him that probably meant he’d lost the argument.

His friend Grayscale informed me this was “a common misinterpretation of something called Godwin’s Law.”

Mansplain much? Now let me define ‘glib’ for you.


Like seeds in the breeze, the minutes of my life… blow back in my face!

The third volley came from a Canadian transwoman. Most confusing of all, this person was very conversational while telling me to go fuck myself.

When I shared a different transwoman’s article I had featured because she made a good point, they actually went and read it!

And hated it, of course. But I gotta respect doing your homework!

After swapping swings for about a day, I was confused why we were talking if they hated me so much.

“I never said I wanted to talk to you!”

I guess you got me there, but you were the one who struck up this conversation.

Overall, not the most fun ever – 2/10, would not recommend. I prefer being mobbed on Facebook – That drives more views to the blog.

I guess Twitter mobs aren’t interested in supplemental reading (Except you, Canada, love you babe!) Despite making connections and learning a lot, I’m not sure what to make of it all at the moment.

It’s been a demoralizing few weeks, stair-stepping setbacks carved into my flat numbers. The sick was a weird sick, too, where I just can’t get myself to eat or wake the fuck up.

Thursday the sick and the mob both dissipated as suddenly as they had appeared.

None of this changes anything, of course. Except maybe how much time I spend on Twitter.

Men still can’t decide they’re women. The law saying otherwise doesn’t change how humans make more humans.

But the best part is that, unfortunately for them, I don’t do this for attention. I don’t do this to express hatred. I’m aware that I’m not famous or important.


When you finally find the person who is going to give you everything you want in life

I do this for my own mental health. Because sometimes, the only way I can properly process some bit of insanity, and stop it rattling around my brain knocking things over, is to write it out.

Sometimes they make the blog, if I don’t see anyone else hitting the same angle.

It’s sublime when it reaches someone, but I write for myself.

…And any other magpie minds out there prone to picking up the shiny things along the edge of the path. This week’s regular post waits for pictures and editing.

Costume historian Bernadette Banner tells us how pockets reveal the state of women’s liberation. Because knowing the past lets us understand the present, and plan the future.


Feminism Really Does Need Moms, Though

The pandemic has demonstrated how little has actually changed for women. 

Lantern 1

I think I might be lost!

We spent the past year getting used to being at home. Many lost their jobs, or quit to take care of the kids. Many more soldiered on, playing Mom, Wife and Worker on a single, ramshackle set. Meanwhile, Joe Biden executive-ordered us out of legal existence.

Adding insult to injury, #NotAllMen refuses to go away.

The response #TooManyWomen was pretty satisfying, but it exposed some confusion in the feminist conversation.

How Many Men?

No one is saying that it’s all men, wrote one commenter, “so we don’t need to say ‘not all men.’

But I have seen plenty of women saying this. Some of them are pretty casual about it, even labeling themselves misandrist in so many words. How exactly one side is unaware of the other I’m really not sure.

Out of one side of our mouths, we bitch about all the handmaidens and how brainwashed they must be. Then we meet suggestions for broad action with disdain and male-bashing out the other.

I get it, of course. It’s not hard to understand how rage pickles into bitterness. It would be so easy to hate men, the mind reeling from trauma lurches for easy categorization. I’ve been screwed with and over by my fair share.

But cultivating personal agency isn’t victim-blaming.

Maybe you’re familiar, but I recently heard that when you’re pointing the finger at someone, three fingers point right back at you. Women have our own role in things. When we own that is when things begin to change.

#TooManyPeople Have Victim Complexes

If you carry that common female bitterness, what happens if you do have a son? How many disinterested moms sow fertile ground for anger towards women? Sad to say I have known a few.

I’ve seen it said that all violence is committed by men, who are soulless, callous beasts. Really. And there’s no point in trying to get through to beasts.

Pistol Packin

But you love an eye for an eye, remember? Don’t be so dramatic!

And they will play into it – Imagine having a Get Out of Jail Free card, and the temptation to use it! Patriarchy’s pandering has made men weak-willed.

But let’s remember how they love to brag about their accomplishments! With all their crowing, they don’t get to turn around and pretend to be stupid.

Seems to me most men are pretty badly mentally ill. Suppressing 90% of your emotions will do that to a person. I don’t see how we can just demand that every individual get better. One thing about mental illness is you often don’t realize you have it. And when so much of your world is similar, it’s easy to miss just how fucked up it all is.

Which is not to excuse them, but are we actually trying to solve anything? Or are we just riffing here?

This is important because, lest we forget, most women are straight! And most of us will have kids.

Mommy Blogs Or Marx?

Regardless, I’m pretty tired of this fantasy of a woman-only world. Women-only groups? Camps? Businesses? Hell yeah!

But a woman-only world would be unsustainable. It would make our lives easier and solve nothing.

As a straight woman, I have dealt with this stuff for years. The only workable solution I have come up with is to insist they behave like human beings.

I’ll call them out, and if they don’t get with the program they will be without my company. Simple as that.

On the other hand, I’m American and kind of a bitch. I understand this approach may not work for everyone.

I have worked hard to teach my sons empathy since they were little. Empathy and boundaries. This includes helping them establish their own. I have a theory they go hand-in-hand. Reaching out to others requires a place to reach from.

Reluctant Dishwasher

Don’t make me go in there, it’s a disgusting mess!

But it’s easy to preach parenting generalities. I have seen so many mothers either deep in patriarchy, too stressed to think straight, or both. Feminism has left mothers unsupported for ages, leaving it to conservatives to indoctrinate the next generation.

That sure is going well!

This seems to be an unpopular opinion. Marxists are the only ones talking about how childbearing is still a huge burden on us. Their solution, however, is to take our children from us. The ‘nuclear family’ is just a prison! You should be free… to work for the State!

I support separatists, but it’s just not feasible for all of us. And I’m not sure either option supports the future of the species. 

Amazingly, I still have yet to find an alternative that isn’t brutally destructive to current structures. Replacing one form of cruelty with another isn’t progress.

I’m Tired of Complaining! What Can We Do??

It’s a high hill to climb, but I refuse to give up on my sexuality or the future of humanity. Women have to pull together and demand better. Teach our sons better.

Pick our mates better. Female Dating Strategy is so important and, frankly, revolutionary in their determination to serve women’s best interests instead of just telling us how to get men. This is exactly the kind of thing we need. A lot of those women will go on to be mothers and raise their kids with the ideas and attitudes that have succeeded for them.

Passing The Lantern

Thanks for the illumination, sister!

We have to think about this on a long timescale. Your friendly neighborhood misogynist won’t live forever.

These kinds of attitudes don’t change overnight, but look at what’s already been done! Remember, just 150 years ago it was commonly accepted in our society that educating girls was a waste of time. Now we outnumber them in higher education.

The pushback is so strong because we have come so far! Our granddaughters deserve the opportunity to build on this legacy. We can’t let our leg of the relay be remembered as a giant backslide.

Mother As Leader

I think activating this quick route to real change would send feminism into overdrive. Every successful ideology in history has known you have to get them while they’re young! Why not leverage this for good for once??

While the conscious mind may rebel against what we were taught, we all know how pernicious the messages implanted during early childhood are. The man may build the house, but his mother is responsible for the foundation. Certain attitudes ingrained in childhood never leave us.

Men need to care. We like to forget that we can’t really do this Humanity thing without them.

But I keep being told mothers aren’t that important. A mental block seems to stop us from seeing Mother and Child clearly.

Everyone has a mother, even men. She is almost everyone’s first teacher and has an opportunity to shape the mind of a child like no one else. How exactly this isn’t a potential operative over every male born I just don’t understand.

Science keeps telling us how vital early experiences are. Viewed through a feminist lens, this is an amazing opportunity. We should do everything we can to give them empathy and boundaries. It might not be all men, but it could definitely be fewer!

And I’m gonna keep poking at this, because I think it’s inevitable – Feminism can only ignore the keystone of women’s oppression for so long.

Warning: Violence Against Gender Criticals Erupts In Canada

Just a quick note of warning to readers and the wider feminist community.

Billboard Dad

“We are making progress with a persistent campaign to spread awareness about the harm coming to children from puberty blockers.”

This afternoon in Montreal, a man who calls himself Billboard Dad was out doing his thing. Interestingly, that thing is protesting the Canadian government’s stance on gender politics.

I was having peaceful conversations on Saint-Catherine Street, joined by a local man. A bunch of these thugs suddenly swarmed me, I’m told there were about 7.

He got footage of several people surrounding him, one of them shouting, Transphobes, fuck off! while hitting Billboard Dad with a traffic cone!

I took one punch to the face and one right hook to the back of my head from that big guy, but I’m hard-headed so no worries.

I’ve got a messed up forearm, a fat lip, and a popped vein in my hand, but this is nothing compared to what’s happening to children across this country. If criminals think an assault is going to slow me down, they’re dead wrong. Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers!

A catchy slogan didn’t protect him from crazy. 

I don’t know if this kind of thing has happened before, there have been rumblings here and there. But the pure rage coming from Traffic Cone Man made my blood run cold.

If words are violence, hitting back becomes reasonable.

My left forearm is broken, but I feel worse for my new friend who came out to support.

I have a very annoying cast that goes up over my elbow to keep my arm at 90 degrees but whatever. I don’t need two functioning arms to have conversations.

They have been threatening us for a while now. We need to be on alert.

But we can’t hide from this. For one thing, they have shown that they will find us. But mostly, together we are strong.

We all know who women are and what we need. Brace yourselves, sisters – The collision is coming!

Two Vital GC Arguments From An Unlikely Source

It’s not every day I find something I think everyone needs to hear.

Today was one of those days. These are the moments that still fill me with hope.

Dreamy Seamstress

Maybe someday, we’ll get to be people after all!

Two Truth Bombs And A New Subscription

Michael Browne has been feministing about as long as I have, with even less exposure. 

I assumed YouTube’s algorithm made the introduction but, retracing my steps, I found his video on Ovarit. He appears to have uploaded it himself.

Michael has been taking on the big boys for a while, releasing long, detailed responses to the likes of Riley J Dennis and Contrapoints. More recently, he commented on Philosphy Tube’s transformation and even Lindsay Ellis. 

Which is great, but I guess podcasts are what the cool kids are listening to while they clean house. This guy’s saying things I haven’t heard from anyone else.

Which is a damn shame. In his quest to leave no stone unturned, he’s sharpened a point or two I think could really leave a mark.

Countering Contrapoints

Contrapoints’ persona is generally outside my tolerance for counterintelligence research. That is to say, I have never sat through one of his videos. I prefer my YouTube dry and educational, or frivolous and weird.

Michael’s style makes watching pointless anyway, stopping every sentence to slice and dissect.

In this way, he manages to sift out the kernel of conflict at the center of modern feminist politics.

Contrapoints: “We’re using a cultural language of feminine signifiers to prompt others to see us for what we are. 

But also, if one person calls me ‘sir,’ that’s gonna ruin my day. So I’m desperately throwing glitter spaghetti at the wall in hopes the light catches some glimmer of womanhood.”

Michael: “You are dressing more feminine than you want to in order for society to accept you as a woman, while at the same time complaining that gender critical feminists are the ones constricting your gender expression. 

It seems to me like you’re much more constrained having to present an overly-feminine image to appease a society that does not largely accept gender-nonconforming people.

Getting The Answer

I think we’ve really got something here!

You don’t want to be misgendered. You’re basically forced to present yourself as hyper-feminine.

[This] totally contradicts the end goals of gender critical feminists. [They] want a world of total gender-nonconformity. 

However, in that situation, you’d be fucked – You cling to gender signifiers as a means to ensure that people refer to you by the gender you consider yourself to be.

Brushing aside the blatant admission of narcissism from Contra here, Michael has got him dead-to-rights and I can’t believe everyone isn’t repeating this everywhere!

This is that contradiction everyone keeps telling us doesn’t exist, spelled out in all its shimmering glory!

The only way they can be women is by wearing a mask of femininity. If we succeed in breaking that mask, they can’t be women. If women are recognized as full human beings and not a set of behaviors and body parts, their charade becomes a lot more difficult.

But we have nothing to lose but our chains.

We are directly opposed to each other in our goals. The amount of energy and rhetoric that goes into obscuring this is truly a wonder to behold, ain’t it?

Trans Kids of History…?

In his most recent upload, Michael credits Alex Aaron of Gender Mapper fame with another keystone insight. 

She said, ‘Thank goodness we don’t have this legacy going back of children killing themselves because of gender dysphoria!

“This phenomenon of children coming out as transgender and killing themselves is a recent phenomenon. We know that because we don’t have stories of people going, ‘Oh, all of these children are killing themselves and we’ve got no explanation for it.

All of this said over the frozen smirk of Philosophy Tube’s resident transwoman, as Michael picked apart every sentence of his coming out video. 

The preoccupation with trans kids strikes many as related to pedophilia, and this may be true. But there’s a strong, simple motivator for every trans person and every ally – Legitimacy. 

Trans adults generously share their formative experiences. The somatic obsesses them as much as it confuses them, and they have plenty to say about it.

Bored Reader

The plot’s getting a bit predictable, don’t you think??

The narrative is the key. Humans have always made sense of ourselves and our world through stories. Without that backstory, all you have is an adult who decided to switch teams.

Someone old enough to know better. Someone who might be interrogated about the crap they’re saying.

By projecting these ideas backward and linking them with trauma, it makes them unquestionable in the individual. And if there were trans kids 30 years ago, there must be trans kids now, out there suffering the same fate!

That’s the difference between memories and dreams – Memories can be double-checked outside our heads. If there are no trans kids, there are no trans adults. This is why the children had to be sacrificed to the Gender Gods. 

I’m glad someone gave this man an Ovarit invite. We need this kind of sharp analysis if we’re going to cut through the Woo, and I love seeing younger people who make so much sense.

Michael’s channel is small, but I encourage everyone to go and listen to him articulate gender critical arguments with true British precision.

Is GC Feminism A Cult?

What makes a cult?

Little Prayers

We all come pre-programmed!

Dr. Steven Hassan thinks he knows. “After my deprogramming from the Moon cult in 1976, I became interested in mind control… but needed a master’s degree to receive ethical training in hypnosis… I have been attending workshops (and giving them) ever since.

Feminists on Twitter have latched onto Dr. Hassan’s words from last June, “Young people are not getting good ethical counseling regarding their trauma, their body image issues, their gayness… They are being rushed to taking hormones and in some cases surgery.

Why does anyone care what he thinks? Dr. Hassan literally wrote the book on cults.

He laid out the BITE model used to identify them and is personally responsible for most of what we know about them. His field Neuro Linguistic Programming is essentially the basis for what we know as Self-Help, along with many other therapies.

Dr. Hassan accusing Trans Activism of cult behavior carries some real weight.

Amidst the inevitable mudslinging, I saw three people insisting Dr. Hassan turn his spotlight the other way. The Gender Criticals are the true cult! We have proof!

This proof takes the form of personal essays. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Proof the First

Our transman author says she was pulled into the fray after not toeing the party line on a government survey. 

Then she wanders off into personal narrative for about 1,000 words. “I’m more than happy to refer to myself as an adult human female… I’m less comfortable with ‘woman.’ Woman, to me, seemed to connote a particular set of characteristics that I do not possess.

And rather than ponder this, she simply disregards the definition she doesn’t agree with.So no, woman is not a term I am especially comfortable with.” How nice for you. Unpacking why would be a waste of time, obviously.

To be fair, she was busy going through lots of personal stuff, which she tells us about in excruciating detail. “Meanwhile, my video with Benjamin Boyce was released… I was on a crusade to sort out definitively once and for all the issues between gender critical feminism and trans activists.

No wonder she went a little crazy – Pretty sure this is impossible.

When I look back on it now, and my current take is – literally none of it matters” Good thing you did all that soul-searching! “Because there is nothing wrong with transition.” Oh, honey, there was nothing wrong with you to begin with.

She was driven away from GC because they insisted she had to detransition. I have to agree – This is a shitty way to treat someone who clearly needed our help.

I was already on testosterone at this point, and it made me sincerely wonder – is my body already damaged by hormones?

Yes, darling! That level of testosterone has devastating effects on female organs. “I wonder how detransitioners feel about this language.This is something that will need to be addressed, as more young women desist and GC and RadFem communities are the only places they can speak.

In the end, she split because the feminists couldn’t accept the idea of her staying on the trans path. I get this, it’s heartbreaking for many a former tomboy to watch her younger sisters break bodies they have barely had a chance to use.

But, unlike that whole White Supremacy nonsense, I think there’s actually a real issue here.

Wrong Way

Wait a minute! Are we sure a faster current is a good sign??

Both of these examples begin with teenage trauma and end somewhere in the gender weeds. Both authors admit to being in a bad place when they found gender criticism.

Proof the Second

Also quite a long read, I’d begun to wonder if I had clicked the wrong link. “You see the tactic played out online, often with women much younger than you. It feels very much like a recruitment drive.

I have literally no idea what she’s talking about. I stumbled into RadFem stuff on my own and was stoked to find anyone who knew what I was talking about.

If you have young people who have been treated poorly… throwing feminist grand theory at them is not going to take their pain away.” No one should be promising this.I have, dare I say it – safeguarding concerns over young people being indoctrinated.

Hey, me too! We better go snatch that gender theory stuff back out of the classrooms …right?

Gender criticism and radical feminism teach that people can be whoever they want. Just not whatever they want.

Her essay reads like Kerouak but she does a good job painting the cliquey picture. “Quite suddenly I had other women who wanted to talk to me about their concerns. It is ironic… a group of women talking in secret from women who claim they cannot talk about their concerns without being silenced.

Passing on bad behavior without realizing it is common as mosquitos. This is what made my head tilt to one side, and it appears in both pieces. It’s the only criticism I see in stuff like this that I think really holds water.

Leaving the GC also makes you a TRA by default.” I have definitely seen this employed as a cover for the encroaching despair of losing team members.

The temptation for purity tests is strong. Everyone is grasping for certainty, it’s nice to have a banner to fly to know who’s friendly.

I’ve met women who say men can’t be feminists. I’ve met those who insist straight women can’t be radfems. The Staniland Question is popular, but creating a hard rule almost dares someone to find an exception.

How about the tried-&-true ‘women are people’?

Sometimes I wonder if forgetting this truly is our problem! “This is the lesbophobia you don’t see… Being told to be nice or I will be too aggressive, too masculine, or the eye roll and ‘lesbians’ muttered under their breath. This is a universal experience.

It sure is! Insert whatever word or slur is convenient, and you just described every woman. “I don’t think you get [rage] when people express discontent… They aren’t often that… triggered. It is how you dismiss them… entirely. They are a nuisance, someTHING to be sent away.

It’s annoying how hard this was to read, because it’s important. “After enough of this, people simply give up trying to communicate with you.

It never occurs to her to turn this around, of course.

She does shine the briefest light on the elephant in the room – “Individuals who harp on about sexual orientation being immutable then have this batshit concept of political lesbianism. There is no context in which I do not find this concept utterly fucking offensive.

Hard to argue! I have touched on this before and probably will again, but… we can do better.


They both possess an uncanny abililty to ramble about themselves in public with little apparent embarrassment. 

They go on and on but manage to miss some meaty introspection: “I already felt bad for transitioning. They’d already got me to that point. The answer is always external. Never stops to ask herself why she reacts like she does. 

I was expecting more people to invite me onto other podcasts. I was desperate to be on the podcasts of Twitter famous people.When did we forget the answer isn’t out there anywhere?

Our second example seems unable to get out from under herself: “It is about how you are treated in society when you do not play nicely. How easy it can be to have your own womanhood quietly stripped… because you do not play the game, and therefor are less of a woman.” 

Women get docked for so many things! She is so identified with her anger, it never occurs to her we can all relate.


Don’t worry, I’m not like these bitches!

She begins, “Much of my relationship with gender critical feminism also involves my relationship with a teenage version of myself that I subconsciously keep locked away in her bedroom.

If I sat in a room with my teenage self, I know we would both hate each other – and I don’t know how I feel about that… I could keep that teenager, with all her feelings of despair and loneliness, locked in that fucking bedroom. Sometimes I think that would be the best thing.

Then gender critical feminism hits you like a truck, and whether or not you realise it – that teenager is throwing a teentrum in your front room whilst you’re sitting there thinking ‘where the fuck did you show up from?’ The problem is she doesn’t look or sound like you. You hear yourself in other women, usually much younger than you. It’s the same pain.

She tells us that gender criticism activates parts of herself that she hates.

This is why we have to be gentle.

Maybe I’m just tired, but I keep seeing the same things over and over. A few people didn’t like my post last week about trauma, but both of these women have been wounded by life. Both of these women identify themselves as victims.

And I’m not even sure they realize it. With the victim mentality, all the world’s a cult!

People like Dr. Hassan have helped us understand how wounded people are susceptible to the wolves among us. Trauma therapists will tell you we project our expectations onto new situations.

So, in the true survivalist nature of PTSD, one supposes, it is easier to see you all as one and the same.

Now, if we could just get it into our heads that everyone else feels the same way, we might even get somewhere!

No, gender critical feminism is not a cult. Trans activism seems to be, and a wounded world is easy prey.


Corrupt Authority Crushes Feminists And Redditors Alike

The story of the Reddit attack on Wall Street is being twisted in some strangely familiar ways.

Patch Him Up

It’s OK, I’ve dealt with this kinda thing for ages!

Today on Secular Talk, host Kyle Kulinski shows us how tech companies and publications are working together to paint the Redditors as right-wing extremists.

He pulls headlines from Business Insider describing Discord banning r/Wallstreetbets for “hate speech”, and Newsweek claiming it’s all a cover for recruitment.

Kyle points out Discord’s convenient timing, “It’s not a coincidence that the day they took them down is the day that they were bankrupting hedge funds and taking down wealthy and powerful people.”

Look at the trick – What’s the first thing they go for? Censorship. They go for censorship, and they go for political correctness – ‘Oh, you’re gonna defend them? I guess you like hate speech … I guess you are those things, if you’re defending them!’

Hmm, where have I heard this before??

They are painting these rebels as fringe weirdos no one should listen to, with exactly the same tactics used against us so-called ‘TERFs’!

The retail investors from r/Wallstreetbets are not extremists. This story has nothing to do with bigotry, except against the extremely wealthy.

Anybody who ever cheered on censorship, this is the logical conclusion. You thought it was only gonna be used against genuinely bad people? Are you kidding me? Of course censorship will always be used against the powerless when they go after the powerful!”

We don’t have much in common with these small investors on the surface, but we are both collections of independent thinkers determined to make trouble for a corrupt establishment. That Wall Street and the Woke Mob are two parts of the same machine just keeps getting more obvious.

Space Race

The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh Gary?

They were never taken down from Reddit, but they were taken down from Discord and I think that’s been reversed, but then that gets to the next trick – 

The next trick is try to conflate any of the stuff that they’re doing with far-right extremism … they were just taking down hedge funds for being incredibly greedy, and squeezing out of existence a company they like … they were doing intelligent investing, and they were going after the people who constantly rig the markets and always win.

So, it has nothing to do with far-right extremism. It’s about discrediting subversive ideas before they can take hold of the public imagination. It’s the same thing that’s been done to feminism.

And then they came for me, right boys?

I don’t expect Kyle or any other lefty commentators to put this together any time soon. But it’s nice to see that news is finally getting around how the old pillars of a free society are being threatened. Defense of free speech is a defense of us all, even if Kyle doesn’t see the bigger picture.

Moms and Feminism Need Each Other

I think men convinced themselves women were just a little too stupid for all those centuries, so they wouldn’t have to face what they had done to us.


Thanks for bringing me to this swell movie, Gary!

Exploiting a natural weakness to strip an intelligent, self-aware person of their individuality, and put them to work for the benefit of others – Well, that would be pretty evil. One might be tempted to empathize with such a person, to imagine what it’s like to let go of any thought of personal achievement.

To have no dreams, plans, or hobbies of your own. That’s a miserable existence for any mildly intelligent person, without some serious brainwashing.

But, then, those women were always told they’d never amount to much. Women’s Liberation came about after Enlightenment thinkers (Read: Men) decided an educated mother was a better mother. Suddenly young women got to dream, but only for a few years. Marriage was still the only serious goal.

My generation? We were told we could Have It All – A kickass career, a loving husband, smart kids, a beautiful home and a tight ass – We just had to work a little harder. Never mind that at least two of these are full-time jobs. You’re gonna need at least two jobs to keep that house, anyway…

My daughters are being told that womanhood is a feeling.

The dirty truth, of course, is that a woman birthed every person on Earth. Many of them died in the process. Most of them bear physical scars, and psychological ones are common. All of them were extremely uncomfortable or seriously inconvenienced at least once.

All so humanity could carry on. A job so vital, no able-bodied woman is truly eligible for anything else!

If Only

Sorry, I can’t learn to fly today, I have too much work to do!

But to keep us all there, we had to be held down. Mothers are simultaneously the most important and the least important people in the world. Both a precious resource and totally ordinary, whichever undermines us more effectively.

And it doesn’t really matter, because we don’t have much to say. We’re too busy juggling hats. When women do speak, it’s seldom as A Mother – We have been taught not to identify with that aspect of ourselves, or risk being disqualified from life.

Ironic, since mothers give life.

This is our biggest mistake – Motherhood is both our greatest power and our moment of weakness. The modern, rational mind isn’t interested in mystical contradictions, but we ignore this at our peril.

And children are not just babies. That moment of weakness is followed by at least a decade of preoccupation. Of living two lives simultaneously. Of knowing that, when that cry goes up, your feet better hit the floor because you’re the one on-call 24/7.

Of missed deadlines and internal conflict. Of dumping energy into running two minds – Mommy and Boss Bitch. There’s not as much overlap as you might think.

And moms will never unite and rise up, because we don’t see ourselves as a group. To stand up and be counted is to admit we ought to be at home. And women will never be free.

We may be freed from motherhood, as artificial wombs become a reality. But if freedom hinges on giving up mothering, we will have paid with a precious piece of ourselves. We will have admitted that being free means being like men.

With the majority of women isolated, the only route to liberation will continue to be rejection of men altogether. Straight women cast as sleeping with the enemy, rather than those with the most at stake in the battle of the sexes.

Each of us sits in a corner of her kitchen wiping lonely tears, because she doesn’t know she is legion. We struggle to be Secretary and Cheerleader and Sex Goddess and Boss Bitch and Housekeeper and Cook, never mind who we are!


When does my vacation start?

We grope for the support no one can give us. The support that should be there – The network of mothers that raised our ancestors for thousands of years. 

The network that has been destroyed by centuries of putting women In Our Place – A case of slander so intense, the insecurity driving it is obvious.

Men of influence fear women’s power because their precious dominance depends on installing a worthy heir. We are the doorway to the future.  We are the biggest, most influential group in the world.

But not if we don’t know it.

Motherhood is the doorway all of us pass through, in one direction or the other. We don’t need to agree on parenting styles, we just need to stand up and be counted. The strength in our numbers will shake the world.



Jesus Is Not Your Friend

There has been some confusion lately regarding radical feminism and Christian conservatives.

It dawned on me recently why it’s all so hard to clear up on our end. But, once in a while, I meet a liberal Christian.

Girl Let Me Tell You

Sure, he’s a sweet talker, but wait till you hear what he’s done!

Liberal Christians are the ones who try to square believing what Jesus said – About the meek inheriting the earth and all that – with what their religion actually teaches.

They’re the ones who will slip into a loud whisper while reminding you that Jesus hung out with lepers, prostitutes and losers. The huddled masses yearning to breathe free were kinda his thing, really, and if someone tried to convince me the US was a Christian nation on those grounds, I might listen.

Regardless how you feel about him, Jesus was still a man. The faith has always been run by men and they have not wasted words letting us know how they feel about us, BC or AD.

A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man, she must be quiet.” – 1 Timothy 2:11-12

When exactly should I stop giving my son advice? His first chin hair? Graduation? High school, or college? When exactly does someone become an adult these days? I’m 37 and still waiting.

It doesn’t matter anyway, this religion is not interested in anything we have to say:If they will learn anything,” Oh, I see what you did there, “let them ask their husbands at home. For it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” – 1 Corinthians 14:35

I sure hope the bathroom is easy to find…

Despite low expectations, I was surprised how much material I found. There’s even, a fascinating blog by a lay preacher that’s the most informative train wreck imaginable. Just in case there’s still any confusion after all these years about what they expect of us.

Little Girl And Leopard

He would never hurt me, he’s such a pussy cat!

It’s more of the same. Jesus is not our friend.

Testifying for bills we support, or accepting media slots when no one else will let us speak, is as far as any of us should go. Ongoing alliances give energy to one group of people it doesn’t feel like an exaggeration to call oppressive.

If we align ourselves with them in any material way, we will regret it. Jesus is not our friend, and most people don’t actually listen to him, anyway. I appreciate the few who do, y’all should get a different name for yourselves.

Call it whatever you want, modern religion was founded on controlling women and only pays lip service to making amends. So a female priest can recite for me the ultimate princess fantasy – All I really need is the right man, and his name is Jesus.

I believe what we need doesn’t exist yet, in so many ways. We’re not going to get there by running back into the waiting arms of the most famous patriarch in the world.