Without Meaning To, Reddit Shows The Way

Watching Reddit go down in flames this week was way too satisfying.

Self Portrait

Hold still, darling… I want to remember you just this way!

Supposedly, they got to know ‘Aimee’ through a volunteer relationship. But no one ever bothered to Google the name!

Many people, myself included, had at least a passing familiarity with the Challenor crew before these latest events. David the Elder had gotten himself expelled from two political parties in the UK for generally being a nasty, pedophilic fuck, but especially for doing it in public a little too often.

‘Aimee’ the younger is a well-known validation junkie. So it was no surprise that, upon being given full Moderator powers, this person set about hacking away at anything that hindered this quest.

The Trans Ideology adherents are flabbergasted – It’s like TERF Christmas! And so it is, especially since many of us have been trying to draw attention to these particular maniacs for ages.

It’s frustratingly difficult to get your average person to care about some nutcase politician. But a shocking number of people care about Reddit these days, and when you put a nutcase in charge of moderating a large public forum, suddenly you have a real headline!

As it became clear that ‘Aimee’ and the army of bots weren’t letting up, Reddit terminated the agreement. You can’t blame them there, but it beggars belief that no one knew anything about their new hiree’s background.

Frankly, I don’t believe it. I vaguely follow UK politics as they intersect with my interests, and Challenor’s unique name was hard to miss a couple years ago. Political scandals are always popular media fodder, and they were on every platform and publication. It’s ridiculously unlikely that anyone with even a passing interest in current events completely missed all that.

Seems they just figured it didn’t matter – Trans people get away with crazy behavior all the time and, when they don’t, they’re not really trans, anyway! The interlocking thought loops have been doing a pretty good job of insulating the new Anointed Ones. It’s easy to see how this looked like a safe calculation.

But they forgot to account for the insatiable ego of the validation junkie. ‘Aimee’ is clearly already pretty advanced in the addiction, and looks to have had a heck of a binge censoring Redditors.

The thing about frantic, compulsive addiction is it’s difficult to hide. Eventually the higher-ups at Reddit were forced to do damage control. The firing was followed up by the release of a fun little essay wherein the guy in charge predictably claims he’s not really in charge. 

But everyone saw it. Opinions vary but the facts are pretty indisputable.

More than just another example of TRA insanity, the Reddit-Challenor episode illustrates the unsustainability of trans identity. It’s unsustainable on a personal level, where ‘living your truth’ becomes an endless hunt for validation.

Thorn In His Hand

Yes, you’re very brave standing up to that rose bush! Now hold still…

But it’s also unsustainable on a social level. You can only bully and manipulate people for so long before they get tired. Everyone has a boundary they will not cross, something they can’t give up. Trans identity has no respect for this.

Trans identity is driven to transgress whatever borders present themselves. It’s all about self-aggrandizement through reinvention.

Trans identity is never content, never at rest. Every boundary is just another opportunity to play Pioneer. They need boundaries for the breaking. No matter where your personal line is, they’re coming for it.

‘Aimee’ demonstrated this spectacularly. Many Redditors panicked without really knowing why. The gut fear of the maniac is not caused by their wake of destruction, but by knowing there’s no reason you won’t be next.

The wolf can wear sheep’s clothing, learn the lingo and the mannerisms, but it’s still a wolf. Predators do not honor the social contract and the group reacts quickly once they’re spotted.

And they will be spotted! The need for attention eventually grows to overshadow everything, even self-preservation. I shudder to imagine the collateral damage but, eventually this unsustainable movement will self-destruct. Just like ‘Aimee.’

Corrupt Authority Crushes Feminists And Redditors Alike

The story of the Reddit attack on Wall Street is being twisted in some strangely familiar ways.

Patch Him Up

It’s OK, I’ve dealt with this kinda thing for ages!

Today on Secular Talk, host Kyle Kulinski shows us how tech companies and publications are working together to paint the Redditors as right-wing extremists.

He pulls headlines from Business Insider describing Discord banning r/Wallstreetbets for “hate speech”, and Newsweek claiming it’s all a cover for recruitment.

Kyle points out Discord’s convenient timing, “It’s not a coincidence that the day they took them down is the day that they were bankrupting hedge funds and taking down wealthy and powerful people.”

Look at the trick – What’s the first thing they go for? Censorship. They go for censorship, and they go for political correctness – ‘Oh, you’re gonna defend them? I guess you like hate speech … I guess you are those things, if you’re defending them!’

Hmm, where have I heard this before??

They are painting these rebels as fringe weirdos no one should listen to, with exactly the same tactics used against us so-called ‘TERFs’!

The retail investors from r/Wallstreetbets are not extremists. This story has nothing to do with bigotry, except against the extremely wealthy.

Anybody who ever cheered on censorship, this is the logical conclusion. You thought it was only gonna be used against genuinely bad people? Are you kidding me? Of course censorship will always be used against the powerless when they go after the powerful!”

We don’t have much in common with these small investors on the surface, but we are both collections of independent thinkers determined to make trouble for a corrupt establishment. That Wall Street and the Woke Mob are two parts of the same machine just keeps getting more obvious.

Space Race

The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh Gary?

They were never taken down from Reddit, but they were taken down from Discord and I think that’s been reversed, but then that gets to the next trick – 

The next trick is try to conflate any of the stuff that they’re doing with far-right extremism … they were just taking down hedge funds for being incredibly greedy, and squeezing out of existence a company they like … they were doing intelligent investing, and they were going after the people who constantly rig the markets and always win.

So, it has nothing to do with far-right extremism. It’s about discrediting subversive ideas before they can take hold of the public imagination. It’s the same thing that’s been done to feminism.

And then they came for me, right boys?

I don’t expect Kyle or any other lefty commentators to put this together any time soon. But it’s nice to see that news is finally getting around how the old pillars of a free society are being threatened. Defense of free speech is a defense of us all, even if Kyle doesn’t see the bigger picture.