Cultural Corruption is On Everyone’s Minds These Days

America’s sense of what it is to be intellectual, moral, or artistic; what it is to educate a child; what it is to foster justice; what it is to express oneself properly; what it is to be a nation – all is being refounded upon a religion.

Morning Tea

The tea is especially strong this morning!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But Professor John McWhorter was writing this week about race theory in America, not gender.

He is talking about the same thing we are, without knowing it.

Last week, I pointed out that Kyle Kulinski over at Secular Talk had stumbled upon the same issue we in the feminist community have been wrestling with for years – That lots of so-called Liberals really aren’t very. 

An English Professor at Columbia University, McWhorter writes eloquently how “white fragility” is condescending to the black community. 

He skewers modern race theory, which he calls Third Wave Antiracism: “Third Wave Antiracist tenets, stated clearly … translate into nothing whatsoever:

  • You must strive eternally to understand the experiences of black people. But you can never understand what it is to be black, and if you think you do you’re racist.
  • When whites move away from black neighborhoods, it’s white flight. But when whites move into black neighborhoods, it’s gentrification.
  • If you’re white and you only date white people, you’re racist. But if you’re white and date a black person you are … exotifying the ‘other’
  • Black people cannot be held accountable for everything every black person does. But all whites must acknowledge their personal complicity in … ‘whiteness’

These and the other clever comparisons the Prof makes should be very familiar to Americans. Feel-good rules that contradict themselves, reminds me a lot of the gender theory we beat our heads against at every turn lately.

Oh Hello Again

You’re talking my language, Prof!

The self-contradiction of these tenets is crucial, in revealing that Third Wave Antiracism is not a philosophy but a religion … That they serve their true purpose of revealing people as bigots is paramount – sacrosanct, as it were.

Ooh, this is a little spooky! He sounds just like us.

Battling power relations and their discriminatory effects must be the central focus of all human endeavor … Those who resist this focus, or even evidence insufficient adherence to it, must be sharply condemned, deprived of influence, and ostracized.

One might even say Canceled.

Guyns, there’s something big going on. The same religious zealotry has infected every stratum of our lives. The rumblings of long-overdue shakeups are everywhere, as we collectively wake up from the fever dream of the 20th century to find that not much has really changed.