Quick Take: Liberal Lies

Made the mistake this morning of clicking on The Humanist Report. 


What are they doing out there??

I knew it was going to piss me off, the headline was Stephen King Says JK Rowling “Canceled” Him For Supporting Trans Women. I do my best to keep track of narratives on all sides. They usually take a couple of minutes to warm up to the bullshit.

But Mike Figueredo goes right for it. “So, by now, I think it’s abundantly clear, since author JK Rowling has made it known every opportunity she had, that she hates trans women. Okay, we get it!”

NO YOU DON’T. I actually read her essay and as many tweets on the subject as I can find, so I can say with some authority that SHE NEVER SAID THAT.

Or anything remotely approaching it. That essay was eloquent and sad, mostly about her experiences and how they inform her perspective. I’ve slept since then, but I want to say that she never even mentions trans people by name.

But Mike is determined to demonstrate his ignorance. “But how obsessed she is with hating trans people, truly, I didn’t know the depths of her bigotry. She’s out of her mind.”

Ooh, man calls woman crazy for saying things he doesn’t understand! Great analysis! Much smart!

“And if you don’t agree with her, and also think that trans people are some sort of sub-species, then she doesn’t want to be associated with you.”

Who said they’re a sub-species? But if you see women as a costume men can wear, maybe she’s right to stay away!

Then he summarized how, last year, JK deleted a tweet praising Stephen King and unfollowed him, after he came out and said, “Yes, trans women are women.”

“‘Jo canceled me,’ King told the Daily Beast. ‘She sorta blocked me and all that.'”

Knowing what I do of Stephen King, I think he’s being facetious here. I’m sure he knows being blocked by one person on one platform hardly counts as being ‘canceled.’ Not so sure about Mike, though.

“We have differing opinions,” King continued, “That’s life.” Not sure why Mr. King cares so much about it. Not sure why he decided to talk about it, or why Mike only just heard about it. 

But he seems pretty upset over a deleted tweet. “I did not know she was that obsessed with trans people. That’s bizarre.” 

Really, Mike? What strikes me as bizarre is that anyone is still talking about this. It feels like grasping at straws to slander JK Rowling. It’s especially weird considering how well things are going for them. They have governments of several large, rich countries on their side at this point. The World Health Organization and the United Nations have bent the knee.

But that’s not good enough. One woman stubbornly dissented six months ago!

“That’s really weird – If somebody else doesn’t support your bigoted view about trans women, you actually block them on social media.”

Cold Water

Boy, have I got a bucket of cold water for you!

Weird, is it?? Tell that to my sister. My oldest friend. Your side are the ones who started that, and I have personally declined to follow suit.

It looks to me like she did it in despair. Stephen King had said some supportive things, and I can imagine she was delighted to have backup from another big name in her field.

But that’s not why he was there, and I can almost hear the disappointed, ‘oh, screw you too!’ as she hit the Block button.

Mike isn’t happy with King’s agree-to-disagree attitude, “Stephen King is too nice here. Some things aren’t a matter of opinion.” He compares viewing trans women as potential predators with climate change denial and people who pretend systemic racism isn’t a thing. 

“Reality does not support their claims. Trans women are women, period.” No proof is offered, of course. 

Because, no, material reality says they’re men. That’s why we’re arguing about it. That’s why they’re called Trans women.

“I can’t stand her.” You don’t say! “But I’m glad he shared this because it truly speaks to how deranged this individual is.” Yeah, because deleting a tweet and blocking someone is just sooooo out there! 

“JK Rowling, leave trans people alone!” She didn’t even say anything to anyone!

The rest of the video is Mike ranting that trans people are here to stay, and how about you just be a good person and accept them?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I’m sorry you and all media liberals have forgotten the scientific method, but I haven’t. You provided absolutely nothing to back up the claim that trans women are women, and I can find all kinds of evidence to the contrary.

Not that Mike cares. He’s obviously having way too much fun calling a woman he doesn’t know ugly names. Awfully traditional of you there, Mike.