Democrats Love ‘Inclusiveness,’ Ignore Women

Democrats in the House of Representatives are going stir-crazy, held captive by Republicans who plainly state they have no intention of working with them on anything, ever. 

Apparently, their self-awarded consolation prize for failing to do much for the American people all through one of the worst years on record, was to make their paperwork More Inclusive.


I’ll just wait up here till you’re done preening, shall I?

The changes themselves aren’t all that crazy actually, quite a few ‘men’ are being removed – ‘Chairman’ becomes ‘Chair,’ ‘Seamen’ becomes ‘Seafarers.’ ‘Submit his or her resignation’ becomes ‘resign.’ Pretty straightforward stuff, it seems.

It’s not the specific rule changes that catch my attention. It’s the complete lack of focus on any of the huge women’s issues going on right now, in favor of this phony ‘Inclusiveness.’ Who is excluded by the phrase ‘He or She’?

It’s pretty tone-deaf, even for House Democrats. With Kiera Bell‘s verdict still ringing in our ears as they march rapists off to the California Women’s Prison, while a pandemic still rages across the world

 – This is what you’re spending our time and money thinking about??

House Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern said it’s “ridiculous that in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, this is what some on the extreme right want to fight about.

No, Jim, it’s ridiculous of y’all to bring it up. Mentioning both sexes is inclusive. Now, please, go do your job!