Father’s Day Madness: Guns, Guns Everywhere

A woman bandages a man's arm

There has to be another way!

Just popping in to bring attention to something I noticed in the news this morning.

This weekend was Father's Day in the United States. Usually, this holiday passes with little more fanfare than some cards at the drugstore and persistent Home Depot commercials.

This year, as we will all have noticed by now, is unique. This year, Father's Day was marked by random outbursts of violence across the country.

I'm not even talking about the protests. Or the riots. Or the looting. Or the brutal acts of political pageantry.

Chicago had it worst, with 60 people shot across the city. Nine of them have died, in unrelated situations where someone decided to start pulling a trigger. New York City has seen 18 shootings this weekend.

12 people were shot in Minneapolis, one of them killed. Smaller cities were not immune to the wave of violence, with Albany, NY (pop. 97,279) seeing four, Peoria, IL (pop. 111,388) had three. Syracuse, NY had 12 people shot but none of them fatally.

Philadelphia saw eight shootings over Father's Day weekend. Cleveland, OH had six. And, just to bring it home for Yours Truly, someone was shot this afternoon at Lafayette Square Mall in Indianapolis, a personal favorite afternoon destination at about four years old.

Lexington, KY, Charlotte, SC and Columbus, GA all saw shootings this weekend, too. At least seven were shot across Austin, TX. There were even two shot and one killed inside the Autonomous Zone in Seattle!

Woman holds gun in shadows

We’re all on edge, but remember who the enemy is!

What is going on out there??

According to the Gun Violence Archive, "May had the highest total for mass shootings in one month (59) since we began collecting data …. June is now on pace to eclipse that number by over 20."

So, what? The world is starting to fall apart, so y'all have just decided it's every man for himself? You think because you don't respect the police, suddenly rules don't matter? Rules from that precious book I hear so much about!

In Chicago, a baby was shot through the back and died, and an old lady was shot through the arm. Neither of them was actually involved in whatever was going on. This affects all of us, and we cannot allow the US to descend into chaos.

For one thing, that will just make the authorities crack down harder. On all of us. Maybe especially those who chose sides back when it was still "Peaceful! Peaceful! Peaceful!"

Please, guys, put the guns away. Just for now. This moment is too important for this nonsense.







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