Conservatives??!? Feminism Vs. Tribalism

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The Washington Post spilled a lot of digital ink recently to pose a simple question:

What does it mean when left-wing feminists and conservatives work together?

“Tensions between the TERFs and transgender activists erupted at the Seattle Public Library as hundreds of women -“

Stop right there. Please enjoy this photo of those hundreds of “women.”Seattle Protest

Hot stuff, no?

It’s fun when formerly-trustworthy pillars of Journalism leave out inconvenient facts, isn’t it? It’s like a Journalism scavenger hunt!


“….converged on a WoLF-organized event …. WoLF supports abortion rights and combating violence against women.” So far, so liberal. “But the group’s recent work has focused on fighting against the growing transgender movement.”

Well, that’s just awful. Everyone knows, they just want to pee!

The Post describes how leaders from the Women’s Liberation Front have been working with righty think-tanks and politicians. Even WoLF’s new allies recognize the unusual nature of the collaboration, “How wrong does something have to be for a Christian pro-family organization and self-described radical-feminist [sic, again] group to oppose it together at the Supreme Court?” [asked] the Family Policy


What is this strange place?

Alliance website.”

This is where we find ourselves.

WoLF was instrumental in getting the bill passed last month in North Dakota outlawing medical gender intervention in children. North Dakota is hardly a bastion of Progressive thought, but we are foolish to believe that only one side has any merit here.

“[Natasha] Chart spoke at a Heritage Foundation event in Washington, attended by state Rep. Fred Deutsch, the conservative South Dakota legislator who sponsored the bill restricting transgender medical treatments for youth.”

She and another WoLF representative testified in North Dakota about the effects of these treatments.

“When the bill faced a vote on the full House floor … Deutsch invoked Dansky, referring to her as a ‘lifelong Democrat and former ACLU lawyer’ who ‘came to testify for a Republican.'”

Bipartisanship. How quaint.

These medical treatments are often lumped together as “gender-affirming therapy.” We are told that if children don’t get this treatment, they are at high risk of harming or killing themselves.

Jet Girl

Turns out, loving birds makes me a bloke!

“Affirming Therapy” is:

  • Puberty blocking drugs that stop the patient from physically maturing
  • Social transition where the patient lives as the opposite sex
  • Cross-sex hormones to encourage development of opposite-sex characteristics
  • Surgery to alter anatomy to mimic the opposite sex

The only certain outcome from the very beginning is sterility.

This “therapy” that they are pushing on children is a one-way ticket to Sterility Town. We don’t let 25-year-old women have hysterectomies, because doctors fear they will change their minds and want children later on. This is now shown to be hypocritical as well as patronizing on the part of the medical establishment. Why on earth are they pushing this for children?

Sometimes the people outside a situation are exactly the ones with access to the most valuable insight. This is the essence of the very concept of therapy.

But why is a leftist feminist group working with conservatives? These groups are longtime adversaries in the abortion debate. Despite their views on women’s rights, some have argued WoLF is exposing themselves as having really been a right-wing group all along.

Ironically obvious projection on the part of liberal activists, I would say. WoLF is not the one shouting in large groups outside other peoples’ meetings.

“We expected authoritarianism from the right. We weren’t prepared for it from the left,” said Lierre Kieth, one of WoLF’s founding members. “The most basic facts of biology are now considered a hate crime, which means the reality of women’s lives [is] back to being unspeakable.”

Stir The Dough

Only one kind of person is interested in dating an infertile person with the body of a child, but that’s none of my business!

I’m grateful to these women for voicing this so eloquently.

But, why else would people who disagree about most things come together on a certain topic? It’s not as if we live in a material world with observable facts, or anything.

If rational people can disagree (or so I have heard….) then, surely, rational people may sometimes agree. Even if they disagree about most things.

Because sometimes facts are so blatant that to debate them is to invite question of your motives.

“Gender identity is literally threatening to erase women and girls as a meaningful category … in language and law,” said [Kara] Dansky, one of the group’s most vocal leaders. “We view that as an emergency.”

I have previously covered how this is already the law in Canada. Rapists are being put in women’s prisons, only to reoffend. Crisis centers are being defunded and defaced. Girls are being denied sports scholarships in favor of boys who say they are girls. The 2020 Olympics are going to be very interesting.

Collecting little boys who like ruffles and glitter and sterilizing them is wrong, in the kind of way any rational person can see. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that, when this is all over, the abortion fight won’t get back to its usual battle lines. If rallying together to save children their future is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Why the push to medicalize kids who like the wrong things? 
Girl And Her Dog

We don’t need a lot in common to make a good team!

Putting aside the strangely high level of trans involvement at upper echelons of the medical field, Queer Ideology demands it. Put simply, if middle-aged transpeople come forward saying they were secretly trans all along, somewhere out there are the next generation of poor, suffering little trans children.

This train of thought has had many stops over the past few years. Mostly, more people have been getting on than off. It’s a relief to see that sterilizing children is where many people disembark.
Because this is not going away. This is not some outlying fringe of thought within the trans community. Trans kids are part of how it justifies itself, and all the changes that have swept across the Western world. It is a keystone cut from the bedrock the movement is built on. The saga of Jazz Jennings has been documented to provide proof of this idea.
Children cannot understand what they are giving up. They have don’t have the experience to know what having children (or just having an orgasm!) might mean to them as adults.
This is something we all know, having once been children. WoLF is showing us what a consistent Feminist platform looks like, supporting women when they choose not to have children, and supporting the children when they do.
Tribalism has so many liberals so fried they don’t see this. This is scary shit.


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