If Girls Aren’t Real, Someone Should Tell Jazz Jennings

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal is currently hearing a case of a little girl whose teacher told her little girls don’t exist.

After a few rounds of this, the 6-year-old told her parents she needed to “go to the doctor” because she “had to do something” about being a girl.

“If everyone has a gender identity,” said Ontario public defender Lisa Bildy, “and [they] are protected under the Code, then her identity as a girl should be protected.”

But they are not stopping there. The complaint goes on to allege that the teacher’s conduct undermined the girl’s foundational concept of herself. And that it contradicted biological reality.

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Settle in, this is getting good!

Gender vs. Sex

“Gender” is a strange word.

Mainstream liberal thought is confused here. Let’s see if we can find some clarity.

I grew up understanding it to be a synonym for “sex.” Because “sex” is a word so naughty, us kids just replaced it with “It.” – “Were they doing…. IT?”

In school I encountered the concept of gendered words – In French, a car is “feminine.” German has three categories, including “neuter.”

We all tried to wrap our kiddo heads around the idea of sexed objects. The teachers assured us it wasn’t important. Just memorize them, there’s no real meaning there.

I’ve been told by older people that they had never seen the word “gender” outside of language and grammar until the 80s or 90s.

So my young understanding of its meaning was a new usage. But I’m not alone.

Liberal Contradictions

Reading On The Settee

What the hell did I just read??

Fast forward 25 years to today, and the situation has only gotten more confusing. What was once titled “Sex Reassignment Surgery” has been renamed “Gender Confirmation.”

Looking around, I see assertions of the existence of “lady penis.” In the same debate, the argument is that “gender” and “sex” are completely independent. Even that sex is a “social construct” and gender determines what we are.

Modern liberal thought is riddled with contradictions like this. I mean, transwomen are definitely women. But, is it because of their internal feminine essence? Or because they are literally physically female?

Jazz Jennings

In the case of Jazz Jennings, the answer is both. Or as close as humanly possible. This child has lived the trans dream – early puberty blockers, homeschooling, plenty of money for whatever hormones and surgery was required to achieve the womanhood his little self required to flower.

So why isn’t Jazz happy?

If the premise behind transing children is sound, why did Jazz put off Harvard for mental health reasons? Why is he telling friends that’s he’s “lost”?

Are Trans People Sterilized??


Yesterday I read what may be the most disingenuous thing I have ever seen.


You took the facts and turned them inside out!

“This week may be the first you heard about transgender sterilization,” The Daily Beast’s Samantha Allen suggests.

But I highly doubt it. Poor Jazz recently underwent this very procedure, to much fanfare.

It’s the “bottom surgery” we hear so much about. Jazz Jennings doesn’t have a functional female reproductive system. Nor does he have a male one. That’s what this surgery does.

Ms. Allen’s complaint is that, to be legally recognized as their chosen sex, trans people are required to undergo this procedure. This is still true in many places around the world.

“The answer to the question, ‘should transgender people be sterilized before they are recognized?’ is, of course, ‘No.’ The real outrage here is that the question continues to be asked.”

No one is asking that question.

Men and Women Have Existed for Eons

If you want to change sex, that requires you to change sex.

It’s probably a terrible idea. I don’t support operating on otherwise healthy bodies in ways that will likely severely limit their sexual function as well as neutering any reproductive capacity.

Neither of which children understand at all, of course.

4 Redheads

If I’m a girl, can I get out of this?

But that’s what that surgery is. This is not news.

I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to do that. But this is how we get people talking about lady penises and man periods.

Mostly silent the last month, Jazz did write on Instagram, “Words have such a huge impact and can forever change one’s life.” Prophetic irony from a child who was made into a test subject on national TV.

The show is scheduled to come back in January. Last season it rated #11.

I hope Jazz has a trust fund.

The power we have as adults to shape the mind of a child is awesome and terrifying.

And with such hard spin – Don’t sterilize the poor trans people! – it’s difficult to keep a steady gaze, if you had one to begin with. And little kids, of course, do not.

Jazz and the little girl in Ontario are two players in a much bigger scene. But these individuals humanize these ideas. The realization in the flesh of transgender ideology is often disturbing.

The concept of a gendered essence is offensively retrograde, anyway. Let children be children. Don’t sterilize the poor weird kids!


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