We all have them – Girly gripes, womanly woes, things that just stick out to us that the men who put them in place never gave a second thought to.

In my latest video I talked about how no Feminist theory has a practical plan to get rid of Patriarchy. What do we replace it with? We need a better system, one that doesn’t rely on binary categories and allows us to be who we are. Free of social pressure to crush ourselves into boxes. A world where women’s perspective is respected and woven into the fabric of our daily lives like men’s is. 

We are taught from childhood how to cater to the Male Gaze, but what about the Female Gaze? What do we want to see when we look at the world? 

Give me your gripes! Let’s pool our observations and try changing things. 

What does #womensvision look like? Find us on Twitter and tell me what you would fix first!