I want to contribute to the cultural conversation. I didn’t see very much out there I really identified with, so I decided to create something.

This blog is for women like myself, who are heading into middle age and starting to feel like they might have some idea what’s going on. And we realize we have things to say about it.

We are trying to live on our own terms, creating a strong framework for what that means. We are passionate and opinionated, and we actually read the article before we share it. We prioritize communication. We prize practicality but have a flair for style.

We are weaving a narrative to make sense of ourselves, our lives and the world. We squeeze meaning from experiences to sate our thirst for wisdom. We feed our intuition with the fruit of our labors. We nurture and grow our paradigm, knowing it will never be complete.

We do all this quietly, subsuming our inspiration into radical understanding of mundane things. We daydream. We don’t feel the urge to chase trends and we know we couldn’t be a packageable commodity. We don’t hear anyone in the culture speaking to us. We don’t answer.

We don’t see a space for us to actively participate. So let’s create one.

I want to lead a rebellion against apathy!

But I will settle for starting a conversation. I’m convinced it’s possible, I just need to let my vibe attract my tribe. Get in touch!

And in order to do that, I have to broadcast it.