Inspired to pursue life as a writer by reading the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald — If he can become an American Treasure with that crap, I can do whatever I want!

Hunter S Thompson’s Gonzo Journalism showed me an iconoclast knitting his experiences into meaning with wit and offbeat humor. That’s what I want in my obituary.

Chubby and in my mid-30s, I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of all this. Originally from Indianapolis, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now reside in East Tennessee.

I wanted to be a rockstar, but I’m really way too nerdy and that was never going to happen. Now I’m sharing my life lessons and asking the big questions.

Mom of four and wife to a crazy man, I can’t seem to stop my brain from buzzing. Sometimes it gets so loud I have to open it up and see what falls out.

I journal a lot, it helps me think. Like every writer, I’m working on a novel but this shorter essay form is really my natural habitat.

So here I am, hacking away at this modern life with my keyboard. A lot of times my topics begin as me cocking my head confusedly and wondering, Why isn’t anyone talking about it from this angle?

Thanks for reading! I have a lot of ideas, I want to reach others who feel what I am laying down. I would love to talk with you! We may build the next big idea together.

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