Conservatism Is A Scam Run By Sociopaths

Pornhub recently changed its rules in a big way.

Stick With Me, Boy

I guess you’ll have to spend some time with me!

No more downloads! I guess the wanking public will have to make do with bookmarks. Only verified accounts are allowed to upload anything. This will probably make the biggest difference to the women and girls commodified without their permission.

And more moderators, of course. What credentials do you suppose they look for?

Saagar Enjeti at The Hill continued drifting leftward last week, disappointed that these changes didn’t come from years of conservative agitation. 

Pornhub changed its rules after the New York Times explained that no one really knows how much illegal or underage material is on there, except that it’s a lot.

Quoting Richard Hanania’s Twitter, Saagar says, “One NYT article did more to restrict pornography than every elected conservative politician in this country put together.

Conservatism sure is looking toothless. Saagar pokes fun at himself and others getting crap from lefties for complaining about Pornhub. But anarchy has forcefully led to abuse of innocence and vulnerability. It’s hard to ignore when it’s pretty much everywhere.

The Center-Left waking up to the fact that these people quite literally profit off of rape is a real threat…” Saagar continues. “The moment the Center-Left paid even a modicum of attention, they snapped to.

Which tells me this: At its core, conservatism in America has no power whatsoever.

He also accuses them of having “no plan of action,” but that’s unfair. The plot to take control of this country is breathtakingly mercenary. They’ve been working on it basically forever and this time, they almost pulled it off.

Too bad it’s all a front.

Saagar says lacking the bite to even get kiddie porn banned means conservatism is irrelevant. Seeing through a cherished specter is never fun. But he pretends not to see the darkness looming behind this revelation.

It seemed silly to call conservatism  “irrelevant.” The right has ferociously pulled us their way my whole life. Over and over I have been amazed what comes out after some corrupt weirdo messes up, or takes that final retirement.

Saagar made me wonder – Is that all there is?

Candles Outside

Is anything out here real??

The disgraced conservative mouthpiece has become a cultural punch line. But you can be an entitled, womanizing fuck, and still think little girls shouldn’t get raped. (I hope!)

Only one side seems to have a conscience.

About 20% of us are sociopaths, and that’s a big group. Add in the Fox News paranoids and we’ve got the 35% or so who vote Republican No Matter What. Even as their party has gone completely off the rails.

The thing is, those people weren’t ‘all there’ to begin with.

Prosperity Gospel blossomed here because some of us have always believed strange things. The Puritans were fundamentalists. They were kicked out of England after their leader was executed for doing a revolution. Being Catholic was a capital offense. They killed the king and took over the country.

These people did not kid around! Puritan fundamentalism animated the witch hunts we remember so fondly. It wasn’t random hysteria or an excitable Neighborhood Watch.

Extreme conservative orthodoxy prowls this country. It’s been with us all along. I think some of them actually believe most of it, but fewer now than in the past.

Trump has explicitly said he doesn’t. Sociopaths have made themselves a cozy den in the individualist politics of the right. It’s where you can really let your bigotry all hang out.

…Which is probably another reason lefties keep trying to make radfems sit at the conservative table. If conservatism is completely depraved, it’s not relevant to any serious discussion. We are lumped in with them and efficiently ignored.

Whatever – Nature is patient, and bipartisan.