Yesterday evening in Toronto, the irrepressible Meghan Murphy spoke for about 30 minutes at the public library.

Her program, Gender Identity – Society, the Law and Women, follows in a string of appearances in Canada and Britain. These events are increasingly controversial, and the Toronto library was the scene of vehement protest.

Meghan is a Feminist freelance writer. She has become more and more high-profile since Gender ID became law in Canada.

(Seriously, they even record crime statistics according to the offender’s “expressed gender” rather than sex. Get ready for a spike in “female” crime in Canada….)

Meghan has riled the zeitgeist with her stance, “A woman is female. That’s it. And if you are born male there is no way to become female. It’s simply not biologically possible.”

I’m afraid you’re gonna get some pushback on this one!


As little as a few years ago, this would not have been a controversial statement.

However, if you have built your worldview on these ideas, this could feel like a personal attack.

Freedom Of Speech?

The protesters waved signs rejecting Hate. They reacted to the attendees like it was a KKK meeting. A large police presence kept them at bay. In recordings, they can be heard chanting, “Trans rights are human rights!” and “Hate speech is not free!” 

Librarian Vickery Bowles disagrees. You can’t choose what voices to protect under freedom of speech…. We seem to be in a place where there is less tolerance for a diversity of viewpoints and civil discourse is discouraged…. This isn’t just happening in Toronto. This is happening in libraries and other institutions throughout the world.

I knew I felt something creeping up behind me!


“We make our decisions based on the purpose of the meeting, not the groups who make the booking…. The stated purpose of the Murphy booking is to have an educational and open discussion of the concept of gender identity, and its legislative ramifications on women in Canada.

“We’re seeing challenges to free speech in government and political venues…. And the public library is a place to engage in civil debate on important, controversial issues.”

The Trans Lobby’s problem is not with the tone of the debate, but with its existence.

Watching this develop over the last few years, I have seen a pattern of women raising questions, only to be shouted down and abused. Over and over I have read the story of a good liberal whose better nature was put upon until she couldn’t take it anymore and had to admit the absurdity of the whole thing.

You have us in a defensive position!

Their claim is trans people are their chosen gender. Not presenting as, not passing as, but literally and unquestionably. A penis can be female if its owner says it is.

What About My Nonbinary Friend?

There is serious slippage between the words ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender.’ Let’s define those real quick:

Sex – An individual’s potential reproductive capacity (this is important because it’s how we make more people)

Gender – Societal expectations and assumptions placed upon individuals based on their sex

When someone “doesn’t identify with” their gender, it’s because their personality falls outside the societal parameters for their sex. Nonbinary people reject the idea of being forced into one or the other, and seem to pick and choose what elements strike them on any given day.

Who cares if my accessories don’t match?


I don’t know whether they consider their bodies to change sex when they are in “girl mode” or “boy mode,” but many transwomen seem to approach it from a more concrete perspective.

Because if a transwoman is attracted to women, any woman who declines to get involved is labeled a “transphobe” or a “genital fetishist.”

Gay Erasure

Stonewall, a previously influential gay rights group in the UK, has even gone so far as to redefine homosexuality. All progress on gay rights is effectively erased in their purview with the simple redefinition of same-sex attraction as same-gender attraction.

And if a penis is female, not only have you lost the right of refusal, you are a bigot if you try to invoke it.

But none of this is allowed to be discussed. Because “Transwomen Are Women.” End of story.


Yeah, she says she’s cool with it!


Do Transwomen Exist?

Meghan Murphy’s argument that the redefining of ‘Woman’ will have an effect on women seems painfully obvious. She is accused of “hate speech” for saying men are male. She is accused of “erasure” of trans people by denying their existence.

The absurdity of this accusation – Of course they exist. We’re arguing with them! – belies the underlying logic.

Wait until you hear this!


If men can’t be women, then transwomen are men. Not any kind of woman at all.

Viola, transwomen don’t exist.

Pretty easy, really.

So, while Meghan does seem to be saying what she is accused of, it’s not hatred. Or violence. And she’s certainly not saying trans people don’t get any rights. They already have the same rights as everyone else.

….In regards to anti-discrimination law, I propose we disallow any discrimination that isn’t immediately relevant to the situation. You can decline to rent property to someone with bad credit; their race should not be a factor. Or politics. Or lifestyle. Or whatever.

Come on, guys, just don’t be assholes – It’s not that complicated!


During a live Tweet of Meghan’s talk, the Tweeter seemed to momentarily get cold feet. “She’s never said TW aren’t women, just that males are male.”

This stuck in my craw. The very idea that women should be able to speak about our sex-based rights assumes the existence of males and females. I am tired of splitting hairs. If males can becomes females, the whole concept of sex-based anything comes into question.

So, I’m gonna say it.

Transwomen don’t exist

I’m just gonna plant my little flag right here!

They are confused men. And I have even run into a few who agree with this.

Women have finally attained some level of equality in Western society. No way am I going to sit quietly while it is redefined out of existence.

Meghan Murphy and others like her (that’s right, there are a few of us) inspire me and make me proud to be a woman. And I will use what voice I have to speak up for us.


  1. If we could just ID everyone based on sex, gender wouldn’t be an issue. With all of these gender labels and the falsehoods behind them, we continue to get further away from the underlying issues of capitalism. Won’t matter if your trans, nonbinary, or cis if we’re all fighting for the last crumb on earth. Hell, if we’re still fighting for people of different racial backgrounds to be seen, will we ever conquer the gender divide?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! I’m tired of the gender equality battle becoming more compromising and complicated than it should be. If someone wants to present as the gender they weren’t assigned at birth, go for it, but don’t expect to be a part of the same struggle as said gender. Your struggle isn’t equal to mine just because you transitioned to the gender I’ve been assigned and identify with. This gets me heated! I accept trans people, they deserve fair treatment, as we all do, but not all of the invalid baggage they’re coming with.

        Liked by 1 person

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