After months of procrastination after a setback (learned helplessness is a bitch!) I finally got it done!

You can purchase the collection of essays for $1.99 at You can loan it to a friend, please share as much as you want.

There are a couple newer posts I would have liked to include, but I didn’t want to draw the project out any further.

Plus, I can always include them in the next one!

…. I’m just realizing I forgot a contents page. Rookie mistake! My first digital book, we can let that slide, right?

Thanks for reading, for all your support and comments. Every little thing means so much to me.


    1. Yeah that picture is kinda perfect lol
      But it’s a collection of essays from the blog. Next volume maybe I’ll put something extra in it.
      I was mainly just trying to gauge interest. I’m kinda blown away tbh 🥰


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