I’m starting a new series for BrazenShe, dedicated to education. The last 200 years or so since the Industrial Revolution have built the world in which we find ourselves, and I think it’s time to catch up. Schools don’t teach most of what I would consider foundational documents of the modern age until college and they’re mostly in specialized classes.

better glasses
How am I supposed to carry all these books and the burden of Patriarchy?

I’m going to be looking at cultural milemarkers from the world of politics, psychology, science and, of course, feminism. Not all of it is specifically woman-centered, in fact a lot of it is written by old white men who saw everything through a pretty misogynist lens. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a couple interesting ideas. Or that the world didn’t take their ideas and run clean away with them.

The other day I heard my daughter calling something fancy and expensive “boozhey.” She had no idea what this meant, outside of her vaguely classist insult. People also throw around psychological terms all the time, evolutionary psychology has a great impact on how many people see themselves and the world. Like that bullshit about how men feel compelled to “spread their seed.” Because they’re just dumb apes, after all, basically no different than cavemen.

Can’t you at least pretend to be civilized??

Which, by the way, is not true. In science we will be looking at epigenetics and cell memory. Our very genes pick up information and change over time, even in a single lifetime. No, we are not exactly like cavemen.

And it’s important to understand these kinds of things. These days more women are getting educated than ever before. I have heard that knowledge is power. Readings will be a collection of information on some of the most important theories and ideas of the era. I will learn a lot and write it all up for you, my lovely readers! 

Let me do the work for you. Let’s get cultured together!

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