I don’t usually get just full-on political but I really think Trump and Putin believe they are the smartest men on Earth. They are laughing behind closed doors at all of us. No doubt they each secretly believe they are outsmarting the other as well, people like that don’t actually have friends.

No matter how much they share.

Their personal tragedies aside, as a child of the 80s this is surreal to watch. The President of the United States is going to just take the Russian’s word for it? Closed-door meetings and more ass kissing than a junior partner? Referring to the EU as an economic “foe?” I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. The 20th century apparently made a dim impression on Donald, and he’s going to do things his way.putin-trump-helsinki-meeting-funny-reactions-42-5b4f44f9d18c4__700

I expected nothing less of him. What I’m having trouble wrapping my head around is how so far, he appears to be getting away with it. Some important people have said some strongly-worded things. But what can actually be done about this commandeering of the country? Are we depending on the Mueller investigation to put a stop to it? I don’t see how they could possibly be keeping up!trump-treason-definition-626x1000

I’m not an economist or a political scholar but I grew up at the tail end of an era when kindergarteners knew to fear the Russians. This chumming around in secret meetings and in front of the press looking like a couple schoolboys just back from sneaking a cigarette is bizarre in any historical context.putin-trump-helsinki-meeting-funny-reactions-120-5b502f178e06a__700

And that the Conservatives – the very people who used The Reds to frighten us into voting for them for decades – are not moving en masse to bring him down is chilling. It makes my blood run cold to see such calculated hypocrisy on such a grand scale. I don’t have the knowledge to attempt to predict what these men have in store for us puny mortals, but it’s not going to be good.trump-shoots-uncle-sam.jpg

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