I have had a few people ask me this. It does seem a little weird that a blog with so much female liberation content would use retro smut for its visuals. I get that.

At first I was just drawn to them because they’re an iconic vision of woman as the focal point. They are male-gazey but she exists for her own sake. Part of her appeal is her lack of pretense. I like Elvgren because his pinups look like people, their facial expressions have depth and a lot of them are doing interesting things. His thing was a woman caught in a revealing moment, rather than posed for men’s amusement

Oops! You caught me being human!

The underlying theme that speaks to me there is you can be attractive even if you are something other than a sexy mannequin. The captions are so important, I try to pierce the glamor and slant them to illustrate the mundane, grittier things I write about. I don’t venerate them. The irony is piled on as thick as I am able. Most of the time looking at pinups doesn’t make people laugh. I like to challenge expectations.

A side-effect is that a lot of men come to my site for the pictures. Which is fine with me – I get views and maybe they’ll learn something. Maybe they will begin to associate an appealing female form with intelligent discourse. Just because you can see her body doesn’t mean it’s being displayed for your enjoyment. 

better glasses
Many a mighty man has been felled by the power of the written word.

But I like the classic, flirty look of them. They mix up light-hearted sophistication with an ease real people can only aspire to. They keep the mood light when I tackle dark things.

I’m sure misinterpreting my intentions would be easy. People on both sides are offended by them, either because of their inability to separate women’s bodies from sex or they see them as misogynistic stereotypes. That’s art for you, everyone gets an interpretation. I can’t quite get away from how I’m using a bunch of scantily clad women to get attention, but I’ll be damned if naked boys wouldn’t get attention too! 

…..But that would be a different blog.

I’m also sure the pictures are copyrighted…. I’m pretty sure this counts as fair use, and if I actually attract enough attention for anyone to care I will deal with that when I’m older and wiser.


    1. Glad it makes sense lol
      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with indulging in enjoyment of the female form, beauty and strength can be appreciated without seeing them as sex props. Frankly, I wish more people saw it that way. It’s gotten truly absurd these days – most of these pictures don’t even count as racy anymore, but my daughters aren’t allowed to show their collar bones at school.
      I’m rambling a bit and maybe it’s stretching it to say that I’m using the pinups defiantly, but there it is.

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