Okay, really it was more like a mini brigade. But over the course of the day today, several guys I don’t know stopped by my Facebook page to let me know that I suck. That I’m unattractive “trash.”I knew at the beginning that this kind of thing was possible. But guys, so soon?

I’ve been training for this all season!

While it’s not fun receiving notes like that, in a way, I feel validated. I’ve pissed someone off. I’m a Real Writer! And I am unimpressed by the opinions of people who have nothing better to do than go out of their way to insult a stranger. Grow up and learn some manners.

It seems to have started not long after I shared this picture:I deleted several comments to the effect that this was a good joke, completely wrong and that women are actually property. I deleted them because they were trolls. They started right in with the insults and obviously didn’t bother to read any of my material.

Ironic, my last post being titled, Men Are People Too.

These guys are a perfect demonstration of why I would need reassured about that. I didn’t respond to any of it. If you feed the trolls, they get stronger. Arguing with an idiot is like mud wrestling with a pig. You get filthy and the pig enjoys it.

But this is my favorite. He took the time to comment and express how it wasn’t worth comment. My ego bleeds from encountering his rapier wit. His economy with words is staggering. I look forward to his next syllable with great eagerness.

Aside from blowing off childish steam, all they’re accomplishing is legitimizing me. Anyone with experience in this stuff will look at those comments and understand exactly what they are. As an outspoken woman, comments like this let me know I’m doing something right.

I am curious about where these guys came from, though. Is there some club of regressives somewhere exchanging messages about my trashdom? I feel like John Waters would be proud.From one whiny degenerate to another, kindly keep your insecurities on your own page. I promise to give you plenty of space.

Except you don’t want us each to have our own space. Guys like you can’t seem to deal with not having all the space.

But thanks for proving my point, and for the material. While you’re wringing your hands about a woman having opinions, I’m turning your garbage into content. Recycling!

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